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Let’s Make the Healthier Salads Part of your Next Party Menu!!

A salad dressing decorates the salads to provide us a visual treat. In fact, some of us eat salads only because of the dressing did over it. Some secondary salad dressings have become quite popular. The mayonnaise-based Thousand Island dressing, for example, has become a frequently used dressing in Italian restaurants. It is delicious, sweet, […]

Must Try Indian Thalis, Which Can Add Flavour To Your Event Menu!!

Variety is the flavor of our life and this quotation is justified adequately if we see this in the context of Indian food. India is a country of diverse culture, language, people, religion, and ethnicity. With such variety comes a great multiplicity of food. Indians are food enthusiasts. Every state has a specialty, which is […]

South Indian Food – Menu Ideas for your Next Event

Think about Indian food and your mind instantly imagines a delectable cuisine replete with different tastes. Whether it is the aroma of freshly powdered spices or asafoetida or the savoury taste of clarified butter on simmered rice, Indian cuisine has such a wide range of flavors that it caters to the tastes of every taste […]

Ideas To Spice Up Your Summer BBQ!!

Summer is almost here, and with it comes the promise of plentiful backyard barbecues. When the weather is warm, the sun is shining, and the days are long, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen day after day making meals when you could be doing something else. Eating outside is […]

Catering Ideas For Kids Theme Party

Kid’s parties have to be a great fun. You cannot take that element away from the celebration. One of the most important things of kid’s party is the food menu. Children always love to eat interesting food. Generally, to make the menu sound fancy people make a big mistake of including a number of items […]


Choosing the right Indian catering company for your event is essential. In fact, the food can make or break an event. High-quality dishes can help to rescue a situation, and exceptional catering can become a talking point for a great event. When deciding on a caterer you want to be sure that you are getting […]

Decoration Ideas For A Glamorous Wedding

Just by searching the web for photographs you will come across an impressive range of ideas, suitable for different wedding styles. However, there are a few options you cannot go wrong with, which will beautify the decor of your reception significantly. The following decor ideas are a must try, if you wish to have an […]

Beverage and Bar Service Tips for Wedding!!

When it involves wedding catering, a significant thought is what beverages to serve. Unless everybody you know is non-drinkers, several of your guests can expect you to have a bar setup that serves alcoholic beverages of some types. However what you serve and the way you’ll serve it depends on your understanding of wedding reception […]

Why Indian Vegetarian Food is Preferred Than Non-Vegetarian Food?

Food is an Integral part of our life. It helps us to survive. In our daily routine, we usually don’t consume a variety of food every day. Generally, there is a fixed menu that is served on the platter. It largely includes rice or chapatti accompanied by vegetables or meat and fish. Even Egg is […]

What Makes Indian Cuisine World Famous?

India, with its sub-tropical climate, is growing variety of agricultural product together with wide variety of spices. It’s the spices which give the great taste to the food. People from the different parts of the country, with wealthy cultural diversity, make use of the huge array of agricultural product and spices in their own special […]



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