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Beverage and Bar Service Tips for Wedding!!

When it involves wedding catering, a significant thought is what beverages to serve. Unless everybody you know is non-drinkers, several of your guests can expect you to have a bar setup that serves alcoholic beverages of some types. However what you serve and the way you’ll serve it depends on your understanding of wedding reception […]

Why Indian Vegetarian Food is Preferred Than Non-Vegetarian Food?

Food is an Integral part of our life. It helps us to survive. In our daily routine, we usually don’t consume a variety of food every day. Generally, there is a fixed menu that is served on the platter. It largely includes rice or chapatti accompanied by vegetables or meat and fish. Even Egg is […]

What Makes Indian Cuisine World Famous?

India, with its sub-tropical climate, is growing variety of agricultural product together with wide variety of spices. It’s the spices which give the great taste to the food. People from the different parts of the country, with wealthy cultural diversity, make use of the huge array of agricultural product and spices in their own special […]

Diversity of Asian Cuisines!!

Food is one amongst our basic needs except for that, most people consider food as a passion and understand it with some extent of indulgence. And with the wide diversity of individuals and culture, there’s such a good style of food and preparation out there furthermore to cater to everyone’s style buds. Now, since life provides unbounded opportunities, there’s no reason why you ought to miss to savor each food and preparation that every region on Earth needs to provide. One of the foremost exotic food there’s accessible is that the Asian cuisine. Asian cuisine is becoming […]


Traditions aren’t a burden instead it’s the bond that holds the family and society together. India has witnessed a lot of political and social phases, from Indus valley civilization to Indian in dependent, from age old customs to globalization… Indian culture has transformed and evolved in all these years. And behind almost every tradition are […]


‘PyaasBujhao’ with these mouth refreshing beverages Beverages are relaxing, they are thirst quenching which is why in every marriage, the guests should be provided with a decent selection to choose from. The first thing everyone does after landing at the venue is looking out for the drinks counter; and after having the main course, with […]


If you Excel, it’s HALWA TIME, If you have guests, it’s HALWA TIME, If you have a prayer gatherings, it’s HALWA TIME again!!!!! So in short Indians have a sweet and a soft corner for HALWA. Since childhood each Indian kid has enjoyed this velvety, creamy, hot dish. Indian caterers too have this favorite dish […]


It’s tangy, it’s spicy, it’s sweet, it’s crunchy yet soggy, and it’s refreshing…….. Yes you guessed it right!!! It is the chaat corner in a typical Indian wedding, the favorite corner of the caterers, the hosts and of course the guests. You cannot ignore the chat stall without devouring these lip smacking typical Indian cuisine. […]


Why Indian weddings have sweet dishes????? Kuch meetha Ho Jaye!!! Muh Meetha kijiye!!!! Aapke muh mein ghee shakkar!!! Shaadi Ka Laddoo …..!!!   For my Indian readers, such phrases are not unknown. We as Indians are welcomed into this world with sweet honey and we exit to the heavenly abode with sweet and sacred tulsi. […]


India, is rightly called the land of spices ……they hold a great significance not only for our wholesome appetite but also acts as a major Ayurveda (Indian medicinal system) ingredient. The culture of spices in India is so rich that one can’t restrict to one or two spices. We have nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, black […]



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