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Easy Kids Party Food Ideas

When it comes to kid’s party food, it’s hard to go wrong. Often, all you need to do is fill the menu with sweet, rich-tasting food that kids love. But if you’re looking for a little “extra” to make the menu more interesting, here are a few ideas to help you along! Ideas for Your […]

Wedding Food Trends in 2018

Although the focus is always on them, couples still want their weddings to be eventful for their guests. Arguably the most memorable part for guests is the food, so couples are now making bold choices when designing the wedding catering menu. Let’s look at the some of this year’s latest trends. Non-Traditional Wedding Cake In terms of flavors, wedding cakes are enjoying […]

Must-Have Appetizers for your Wedding Event!!

Planning of a wedding event can be a very tiresome experience for many. There are so many details that you need to think about ahead of time just to make your “big day” perfect in every aspect. Not a single thing can be missed as each and every minute thing is going to play part […]

Birthday Party Catering is a Lot of Fun!!

Birthday parties are one day function and make a very pleasant change in the daily routine of people whether they are hosting it or participate as guests. This event is normally arranged according to the budget of the family. Birthday parties are mostly of kids but grown-up people also celebrate it either for fun or […]

Growing Demand of Indian Catering Services in London

With the growing globalization, the world has become a close unit, narrowing down the geographical boundaries. This development has led many Indians to try their luck in different foreign lands. London is one such destination where Indians have migrated and settle down for years. The city has a large number of Indian populations and this […]

Let’s Make the Healthier Salads Part of your Next Party Menu!!

A salad dressing decorates the salads to provide us a visual treat. In fact, some of us eat salads only because of the dressing did over it. Some secondary salad dressings have become quite popular. The mayonnaise-based Thousand Island dressing, for example, has become a frequently used dressing in Italian restaurants. It is delicious, sweet, […]

Must Try Indian Thalis, Which Can Add Flavour To Your Event Menu!!

Variety is the flavor of our life and this quotation is justified adequately if we see this in the context of Indian food. India is a country of diverse culture, language, people, religion, and ethnicity. With such variety comes a great multiplicity of food. Indians are food enthusiasts. Every state has a specialty, which is […]

South Indian Food – Menu Ideas for your Next Event

Think about Indian food and your mind instantly imagines a delectable cuisine replete with different tastes. Whether it is the aroma of freshly powdered spices or asafoetida or the savoury taste of clarified butter on simmered rice, Indian cuisine has such a wide range of flavors that it caters to the tastes of every taste […]

Ideas To Spice Up Your Summer BBQ!!

Summer is almost here, and with it comes the promise of plentiful backyard barbecues. When the weather is warm, the sun is shining, and the days are long, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen day after day making meals when you could be doing something else. Eating outside is […]

Catering Ideas For Kids Theme Party

Kid’s parties have to be a great fun. You cannot take that element away from the celebration. One of the most important things of kid’s party is the food menu. Children always love to eat interesting food. Generally, to make the menu sound fancy people make a big mistake of including a number of items […]