Best wedding venue options in the UK

July 1st, 2019 Posted by No Comment yet

“Wedding” is the day every person dreams. Couples are enthusiastic and eager about their marriage. They want their wedding preparations like venue selection, event decor, wedding dress, wedding food and other innumerable lists should be flawless. The trend of the wedding venue has changed over the years. People love to experience and urge a unique creative wedding venue, event decor, romantic floral arrangements, lighting, food and several other wedding details to gratify their guests.

There are various popular wedding themes in recent times. People are compelled to a pre-plan wedding; whether to opt for small or big event spaces. Based on personal style, season, guests and budget wedding venue is clinch and confirmed.

Following are a few of the popular wedding venue styles.

1. Beach wedding venue

Wedding couple enjoys and allures the beach wedding style. It’s a dream come true for them. It is one of the wedding lavish destinations couple love to get hitched. Be sure about the climate conditions before finalising the venue style.


2. Tree Gardens/Garden wedding venue

Celebrate the joy & exuberance by selecting the garden theme for the wedding ceremony. Experience the fresh breeze & get close to nature. It is a lovable venue for the nature lover.


3. Park Wedding venue

The couple is excited to tie a knot at this beauteous and ravishing wedding venue. It is one of the captivating wedding venues to plan out. If you are a nature freak, then it is one of the best options. People also solemnize their grand royal reception at the national park based on the permit received.


4. Ballroom style wedding venue

It is one of the best-loved wedding styles. The ambience is romantic & mesmerising style. One of the benefits is that it comfortably accommodate a large number of guests.


5. Castle wedding venue

Enjoy your dream royal wedding in a castle. Feel like a king and queen and experience luxurious wedding. If you have imagined of the wedding in the Cinderella style or potter style, then one should try this theme. But such wedding themes are expensive. Plan out the budget and make your day a memorable one for the lifetime.

6. Chapel/Church wedding style

It is one of the wedding themes which people love and opt to get married in the traditional style. Experience the elegant, beautiful and romantic style wedding couples dreamt.

7. Farm wedding style

The couple is super excited to get married in Farm. It will give a couple the vibe of rural ambience; experience them with a rustic and romantic mood. However, there can be few shortfalls and restrictions. People need to intend and look for each perspective while planning for marriage.

8. Asian wedding style

Planning to get married in an Asian style is one of the biggest dreams of a couple. To hook up in the classical style; with colourful, vibrant decor and ambience. People allure admires this grand traditional style wedding.

9. Loft modern wedding venue

It will give you a rustic feeling, with wooden and brick design and decor. You will experience the natural, pleasant, soothing atmosphere, a dream-worthy venue style.

10. Banquet wedding venue

Banquet venues cater to the convenience, luxurious, stunning will wow the guest. The couple will get budget-friendly venues options.

Working on the guest list and analysing all other necessary checklists will ooze out the last-minute chaos. There are numerous wedding venue opportunity and preferences available. Selecting among the best ones perhaps be a bit wearying and muddled task. Plan your wedding venue with a good wedding planner. They will guide you with tons of ideas with the unique venue theme, wedding ceremony, event decor, catering service, and a lot more. Plan your wedding to be a lifetime memorable one.