Asian wedding inspiration and suggestion to plan for your marriage!!

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Marriage couple perpetually dreams of their wedding in a magnificent and lavish style. But this might not imply that one should incur excessive spending. There are some wedding couple be the bride or groom who strives for the suggestions which alleviate the costs of the wedding preparations. By proper planning and smart move, you can be frugal and have control over the wedding expense. Following are a few of the wedding tips which will help the couple in planning their wedding:

1. Pre-wedding Plan: One needs to start the wedding preparations beforehand, like months before the marriage. Make the detailed checklists and prioritize the functions and tasks which will ease and help to plan for a pre-wedding.

2. Guests list: Wedding couple & their parents are often enthusiastic and eager to invite the guests so that they can bestow the blessings on the newlyweds. But if you are tight on your budget; then wisely plan your


guest list which might be tricky. Consider all the friends, relatives, buddies and jot down the multiple guest lists. Finalise the maximum number of guests you can invite. As based on the number of guests; your wedding theme and location, the budget will be further finalised.

3. Invitation cards: Be sensible enough not to spend an enormous amount on the wedding invitation cards. Prepare it in a simple, creative & appealing way.

4. Take an opinion: One can take guidance from an experienced wedding couple, older people, family members, friends. Their experience furthermore perception of traditional value and culture will be of immense help to plan a wedding.

5. Rent it, don’t buy! Few wedding things you can hire on rent like the wedding dress, decoration items, mandaps, floral arrangement and many more. These preps if you buy; might not be useful after the marriage and will be a squander.


6. Wedding themes: Finalise the date whether to get hitched during summers or winters; it will be easier for you to plan the subsequent wedding preparations. Hire a good wedding planner if you wish to outsource. In recent times the Garden/Park wedding has become popular. Garden themes are winning hearts and are attractive, alluring for a nature lover. But should certainly check the climactic circumstances before finalising.

7. Book a hotel room: Reserve hotels beforehand if you are planning a wedding outside the city. Take care of the basic amenities and make all necessary arrangements for the guest and family members; this will prevent last-minute hodgepodge.

8.Club Mehandi/Sangeet program: Plan your celebration according to available time-frame. You can merge small functions which save time and lessen marriage costs.

9. Decoration/Floral arrangements: You need not have to carry out a very flashy wedding decoration. You can get creative with a simple & elegant floral design, centrepiece and other decoration ideas. You can check out decoration ideas for the wedding.

10. Mandaps: For an Indian style wedding, you need to set up Mandaps for pooja called Agni fere. A wedding planner can set up designs based on your requisite. They are professionals and are very well aware of the sentiments, ideas and emotions connected between the sweethearts. If you don’t desire to hire a wedding planner; then go creative by using simple mandap designs or make sparkling arrangements with flowers. You can also set up Indian traditional style mandap; which gives a classic and ethnic look. Make use of canopy tents, drape with a silk cloth which will impress the guests.


11. Photographer/ Videographer: Hire a professional photographer who captures your special wedding moments as these moments remain cherished for a lifetime. Else, you can take the help of your relatives or friends who have hands-on these required skills. For the special occasion of Bidai take help of family members and borrow a car for a day.

12. Music and entertainment: If you are facing a shoestring budget; then wisely plan the music and entertainment program. Get the help and advice from a friend or family member. He can have a good exposure as a DJ or have a unique idea for entertaining the guests.

13. Asian and Indian catering service: If you want to explore with unique mouth-watering cuisine; then hire an Asian wedding catering services. They serve varied authentic Asian and Indian dishes. They have a smart professional who also takes responsibility for the bespoke bar mobile bar service and delivering wedding cakes. Delve into our Must Try Indian Thalis, Which Can Add Flavour To Your Event Menu!!