Decoration Ideas For A Glamorous Wedding

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Just by searching the web for photographs you will come across an impressive range of ideas, suitable for different wedding styles. However, there are a few options you cannot go wrong with, which will beautify the decor of your reception significantly. The following decor ideas are a must try, if you wish to have an extra glam event;

Rainbow or Ribbon Backdrop – If you wish for a splash of color at your ceremony, creating a vibrant backdrop can be a great solution. This one is extremely simple to handle, and the effect created will most certainly be a stunning one. All you will need are some scissors, wedding ribbon in the color tones of your choice (you can go for colors that match your bouquet for a more coordinated effect), and a large wooden dowel. Fold the pieces of ribbon over the dowel and secure them with a twist tie. Repeat this step until the entire wood pole is covered in ribbon. Make sure to think in advance about where you will be placing the backdrop, so the ribbon straps are neither too long nor too short. You will certainly love the way this decorative element will look, and it can also make a lovely background for photographs.

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Hanging Floral Arrangements – Regardless if you are hosting the wedding reception outdoors or indoors, placing some hanging floral arrangements can make the area seem more glamorous, and eye-catching. Moreover, this type of decoration, although offers such a spectacular effect, is easy and inexpensive to do. You will need some straps of satin or grosgrain ribbon, preferably white ones, and the flowers of your choice. Tie a strap of ribbon around each flower, and then hang them either from tree branches if the party is outdoors, or from the ceiling, if it will be held in a marquee or restaurant. This will make your decor next level glamorous.

Table and Chair Arrangements with a Vivacious Touch – One good way to create your table arrangements seem more sophisticated without actually putting too much effort in this space is by incorporating some straps of ribbon here and there. You can tie a ribbon around the back of each chair, creating an oversized ribbon. This will make the area have a more romantic and vibrant touch. Also, the ribbon can be used to tie the napkins placed on the table, next to each plate, and if you have vases of flowers on the table, decorating them with this element will be all you need to turn them into appealing floral arrangements.

Romantic Lights – Lights can truly transform the attractiveness of a venue, if chosen properly, making the entire space seem more stylish and romantic. For an outdoor reception venue, the perfect option would be glowing lanterns placed on top of the tables. Creating a collection of swinging lanterns and string lights will illuminate the venue area beautifully and if you add some hanging greenery as well, the reception can appear fairy-tale inspired.

Ribbon Wedding Menu – One last thing you can try, if you desire for every detail to be just on point is a ribbon bound wedding menu. Usually, every table should have a menu, which allows guests to know what meals they will receive throughout the entire party, as well as the drink choices they can opt for. To give the menus an extra touch of stylishness, bounding them with ribbon can be a great choice. You will need wide pieces of ribbons for these elements, in order to fit the paper. Glue the ribbon along the top inside edges, and you will have yourself a cute and stylish reception menu.

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There are plenty of great ideas you can use to make your special day as perfect as you have always pictured it. You can Indian Catering Spending a fortune on decorations is not necessary if you use your (Do it yourself) DIY skills and use the right decorative elements, you will be able to create a wide range of beautiful decorations if you have a bit of imagination, and if not, the internet provides you with all the inspiration you need.