Best Bespoke Bar Service in Manchester

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Any party is incomplete without Drinks, Cocktails, Mocktails. On occasions like Wedding, New year, birthday bash, formal event, casual get-together; the party is incomplete without alcohol, especially for the boozer.

Indian and Asian Wedding Caterer serves various options for a bibulous person. They expertise in offering unique, fresh and exciting bespoke bar service to guests. Visitors also love to experiment with complex flavours. These event caterers create the best array of cocktails and are professional in mixology to make any event special. Whiskey, Scotch, Brandy, Beer, Rum Wine, Vodka, Tequila; you name it and are eager to whet your appetite and serve the best. With the increasing demand; the trend of innovative hard drinks have emerged; cocktails, mocktails recipe has changed drastically over the years. Delight your guest with an ingenious array of cocktails. Asian caterer provides best bar options to hosts. Some clients prefer to keep it simple considering the budget.


Based on client preferences; food caterer offers various packages and provides with a custom bar service options. There are an endless variety of bar options which you can plan out for an event.

Make some classic Mojito cocktail by mixing mint leaves, white rum, some sugar, lime zest, soda water. You can experiment with few berries to get some fruity flavour.

Impress your guests with a French Martini cocktail by mixing vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice. You can garnish with some pineapple slice.

Serve your guests with a Mimosa cocktail usually prepared by mixing champagne and chilled orange citrus juice.

Pina Colada, Dry Martini Cocktail, White Lady are some classic cocktails one can delight the guests.


You can go creative with the mixing of fruits and spirits; which will impress guests with flashy preparations and creative garnish. But one should unmistakably avoid driving after drenched with these mesmerising drinks.

For non-alcohol drinkers, there are endless Mocktail recipes available.

Mocktail is nothing but mixing of fruit juices with soda to replicate the Cocktail juices without mixing alcohol. Mocktails are one of the best preferences for health conscious people. Following are few mocktail recipes one can definitely include and impress your guests during the event.

Strawberries, pineapple, Mocktail: Prepare delicious mocktail by adding lemon and ginger and delight your guests with this fizzing drink.

Raspberry Lemonade: Make this super delicious mocktail by mixing just two ingredients raspberries & freshly squeezed lemons; a perfect beverage for any event.


Watermelon Mint Lemonade: You can mesmerise your guest by offering this simple yet refreshing drink.

Cranberry Fizz Mocktail is one of the cooling beverage. For some extra zesty flavour, add some fresh mint leaves and lime chunks.

Planning bespoke bar service for an event; Asian caterer will certainly guide with various types of refreshing drinks. One can select the best options right from old classic to the latest modern twist alcohol/non-alcohol beverages; considering quantity with the best quality.