Best Christmas food options: Coriander Catering Services

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Christmas is an annual celebration of many people around the world with a lot of enthusiasm. The family get-together, social gatherings, corporate gatherings and parties, exchange of gifts, and lot more are numerous events carried out. This month is super exciting with a double feast, as the Christmas and the dawn of a new year celebrated worldwide.

If you like to be at home and spend quality time with friends and family; also, don’t want to fret and make a fuss over preparing the meal. Hire a catering service provider who serves the fresh and luxurious vegan food, non-veg food, desserts and mobile bar hire services.

Want to throw a private party and celebrate the eve with near and dear ones? Then outsource the food, event decor arrangements to an event planner and experience the fine dining, the freshest, the tastiest with a varied food menu options.

For Christmas celebration, catering services offers

  • Customised and affordable packages based on the budget and the number of guests.
  • Caterer endeavours the best services comprising the waiting staff, appropriate buffet, venue set-ups, food set-ups, equipment with the personalised menu.
  • Aim to serve the delicious food offered by culinary experts.
  • Prepare food with the finest ingredients as give utmost priority to the quality and taste.
  • Offer speedy, flexible services based on customer requirements. By proper planning implementation and commitment, event caterer aims to fulfil the smooth functioning of the program.

The foremost way to celebrate is to eat, treat and Repeat! Manchester in the UK is renowned for offering the sumptuous delicacies, and the chefs focus on serving the best and delectable dining.
Coriander Catering delivers delicious food and mesmerising venue ambience for friends, families and couples, corporate events who are seeking to create memorable and incredible moments.

Following are some of the best food options you can try out this Christmas celebration:

  • Christmas Pudding: It is one of the traditional puddings served as a part of the dinner. Offer traditional dish to kids, and they will love to nibble.
  • Christmas Cake: It’s a traditional cake generally prepared with the raisins and scotch whiskey. It is a popular dessert for the Christmas celebration.
  • Starters: Roasted potatoes, traditional bread sauce, Chicken Sula kebab, chicken and walnut balls, Veg/ Non-veg canapes are few of the options which you can delight the guests.
  • Pigs in a blanket: Try some classic traditional side dish prepared with the hot dog wrapped with cheese biscuit dough or with small sausages and bacon. Based on the geographical locations, sausages may vary. Kids and adults will love them to gobble.
  • Menu: If you want to exclude red meat from the menu, then the roasted chicken is the most desirable option you can plan for the main course. Delight the guests with Asian cuisines like the Roasted Lamb or Lamb Kheema Aloo.
  • Mocktails and Cocktails: Fascinate the guests with unique and refreshing cocktails and mocktails. Let people cherish and muster cheerful moods, relish happiness around during this Christmas.
  • Desserts: Treat with traditional English Trifle; made with the fruit, jelly, and layers of sponge fingers, custard and whipped cream.