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It’s called a bridal shower because it’s meant to shower the bride with love, gift, and well wishes. Stick with that sweet, simple idea – plus throw in a few fun bridal shower decorations, games and treats – and the party is sure to be a success. The humble bridal shower has come a long way from its traditional purpose of preparing brides for married life with a dowry of lingerie, linen and house goods. Modern brides want a stylish, personalized and classy bridal shower to bring the girls together and celebrate their upcoming marriage.

Let’s look at top bridal shower ideas for pulling off a memorable bridal shower for your best friend or sister.


If your bride is planning her wedding for the summer months, a cocktail party with a view is the perfect plan. This idea all comes down to stylish décor, water views, and an outdoor area. A mini cocktail list with cocktails named after the couple’s favorite vacation destinations? Things served in adorable mini milk bottles or old jam jars? Make it an extra special occasion with a cocktail making demonstration professional caterer.

5 Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas - Doltone House

  1. HIGH TEA rendezvous

It doesn’t get much classier than a high tea gathering. Refined, romantic and suitable for all ages, this can be easily dressed up with a theme and styled to impress. When else are you going to have a chance to throw an adults-only high tea? Or just serve piles and piles of baked goods, add some tea sandwiches, and remember, you don’t have to stick to tea. A cordial, sherry or bubbly will do just fine as well.


If the bride loves cheese and wine, she will love this. Led by an expert educator, learn to match your wines with cheese, and have fun while you do it. Theme the shower ‘the perfect pair’ and you’re in for a memorable event.

5 Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas - Doltone House


Has the bride always wanted to learn how to make her own fresh pizza or pasta? Then she’ll love a surprise cooking class to kick off her classy bridal shower. A fun and interactive experience that her husband will thank you for.

5 Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas - Doltone House

  1. never-ending BRUNCH

Toast to the bride with a bottomless brunch. The perfect way to catch up with friends and family in a styling setting, with the opportunity to choose from an alternate server or sharing style menu. A bottomless brunch is also a great opportunity to play some games too.

5 Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas - Doltone House


Have a group of ladies who have known each other since High School? Or just want to roll deep with the nostalgia vibes? Host a shower that’s also a Pajama Party. You can theme games and food around what you used to do at a slumber party, except this time nobody’s underwear gets frozen.

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Bridal Showers are fun! Flowers are fun! Tea sandwiches are fun! Parties are fun! Hanging out with people you love and celebrating one of your best friends’ nuptials is fun! Don’t sweat it, pick out your brunching shoes, buy a folder and notebook that has some semblance of organization, put on your big-girl-who-plans-stuff pants and nail the shit out of this bridal shower or you can consider professional Asian Wedding Food specialists whose expertise is food, event planning & decorations.

Buffet or Sit-Down Reception – What would be your Preference?

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Are you finding it challenging to decide whether to have a sit-down meal or a buffet for your wedding reception in London? While it can be a little tricky, but both options can work out well, depending on your requirements or special preferences. If you are choosing the wedding reception options for an Indian wedding in London, then the task is more challenging. So, let us explore the pros and cons of each option mentioned above to help you make the right decision.

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Benefits of Sit-Down Reception

  • Sit-Down Reception is a suitable option if you are looking for a more traditional and formal event. It also appears chic, allowing your guests to be appropriately served while seated and thus depreciating movement, queues, and delays.
  • Since there is the least movement, a three-course meal can readily be served in tandem with your wedding reception programme. Spreading out food this way on the tables would make your wedding event more organized and maintain enthusiasm throughout.


  • This option isn’t suitable if you are looking for a cost-efficient option. It needs more catering staff to serve guests at their tables, which would fatten your catering bill.
  • The menu at a sit-down reception has to be limited. Guests who may have special favorites or particular restrictions may, therefore, be inconvenienced, making the wedding reception less memorable for them.
  • Furthermore, there’s always the risk of food wastage when guests are served in set quantities of food. On the other hand, few guests might wish for a second helping, which can be a little tricky to accommodate with this option.

Benefits of Buffet Reception – If you are looking for a more casual reception where your guests can mingle and enjoy the event, a buffet can be a suitable option. A buffet can create a more festive and memorable environment. Your guests can also go for a second helping too if they like a specific selection.

  • This option can also cost-efficient if you are budget conscious. In the buffet, guests would serve themselves along set food stations and would need less catering staff.
  • Also, it becomes easier to provide guests with a broader range of food items to choose from. A buffet can offer a practical solution, and you don’t need to worry. Guests with allergies, specific preferences or dietary restrictions, can enjoy the buffet with their favorites only.


  • There’s a risk of long-serving queues, resulting in delays that may finally diminish your guests’ pleasure of the event. However, you can balance this by having more number of food stations.
  • Guests also tend to serve themselves extra food in a buffet than they eat. Considering this, you may, therefore, need to factor this into your final budget.
  • Moreover, having your guests carry plates full of food isn’t fancy. In the worst case scenario, it can result in a few messy and embarrassing incidents.

Food is the most important aspect of any event. If it is a wedding, the guests come to eat delicious food. If it is a birthday party, one cannot just dance and not eat! In a nutshell, badly catered food can ruin a party! Even if it is a small get-together or cocktail party at a farmhouse, you must hire a professional Indian Caterers. Your personal cook will not make food for 60 people! Chances are that the quality and taste of the food will be bad.