Why Indian Vegetarian Food is Preferred Than Non-Vegetarian Food?

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Food is an Integral part of our life. It helps us to survive. In our daily routine, we usually don’t consume a variety of food every day. Generally, there is a fixed menu that is served on the platter. It largely includes rice or chapatti accompanied by vegetables or meat and fish. Even Egg is also a good option. India is a wide inhabited country and Indians are considered as foodies. Numerous dishes of mouth-watering tastes are available due to diversity. A vegetarian meal is a much sought after food in recent times. Rajasthan and Gujarat pioneers in the vegetarian dishes. They have a wide variety of vegetarian cuisines.

Vegetarian Food vs. Non-Veg Food:

Disagreements are natural in a non-vegetarian food. Vegetarian cuisines are now being highly considered due to animal conservation. Non-Vegetarian food is also not suggested for causing various physical ailments. Red meat should be avoided for blood cholesterol levels, additionally avoided for allergies and dysfunction in the digestive system. Severe constipation could be a resultant issue. Red meat additionally contributes towards gaining extra fat within the body. Chicken should also be avoided. The chickens are believed to have infections in their bone marrow. This causes plenty of diseases.

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The consumption of fish leads to strong bones. It is considered to very rich in phosphorus. Fish is good in taste and it doesn’t cause any harmful effects like meat. But there are few contradictions as well. The contamination of water could be a major issue. In most rivers and lakes several chemical deposits are found. These deposits are usually consumed by the fishes and when we consume these fishes, we indirectly get chemically contaminated. Vegetarian food is safe for consumption.

Nutritious Value:

These days vegetables are grown in a very scientific approach. There’s plenty of scientific research involved. Though scientific research is also involved in the processing of non-vegetarian food, vegetable area preferred because these are mild and contain plenty of nutritious value. Ayurvedic and herbal medicines are made of vegetables and herbs.
Let’s move our attention to the types of vegetarian food that are available in Gujarati & Punjabi cuisines.

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Gujarati And Punjabi Vegetarian Food:

There are lots of variety in Gujarati dishes. Dhokla and Thepla are the most important delicacies. The Gujarati food is extremely delicate. It’s not at all spicy. Gujarati food suits all digestive systems. There’s hardly any acidity faced after its consumption. Gujarati foods have a sweet taste.

These days Indian Wedding Food and vegetarian Punjabi Food are also very in. Punjabis were noted best for their delicious meat curries. They use wide varieties of spices. These spices add lot style to the dishes. Sarson Ka Saag and Makai roti is that the best known delicious vegetarian Punjabi food. The food is very tasty.