South Indian Food – Menu Ideas for your Next Event

April 12th, 2018 Posted by No Comment yet

Think about Indian food and your mind instantly imagines a delectable cuisine replete with different tastes. Whether it is the aroma of freshly powdered spices or asafoetida or the savoury taste of clarified butter on simmered rice, Indian cuisine has such a wide range of flavors that it caters to the tastes of every taste bud. Anyone who has tasted Asian cuisine develops a keen liking for some of its dishes. Even in foreign countries, Asian cuisine is admired and the testimony of this fact is the success of Asian caterers in Manchester and adjoining areas. These days Asian cuisine is so popular in foreign countries and south Indian food offers lots of menu options for starter, snacks and main course.

So, let us take a quick look at few extremely delicious South Indian foods to include in your party menu.

1. Drumstick Soup – One of the tastiest & healthiest soups that ought to be amongst your wedding spread. It could serve as the perfect appetizer.

2. Cheppankizhangu Chops – Also called Sweet Potato. It is usually prepared by adding red chili powder, turmeric powder, gram flour, rice flour, very little salt to the cooked taro/cheppankizhangu and mixed gently until all the masalas are evenly coated on the taros. It is perfect for your calorie conscious guests.

3. Oats Kozhukattai – This is the latest addition to the family of kozhukattaies. Nevertheless, it is a tasty addition & a must-have for your wedding feast.

4. Idly Manchurian – A simple tempting dish! Many would start mouth watering just by the looks of this extraordinary starter.

5. Kanchipuram Idly – It is a highly famous dish amongst the South Indians! This dish is designed to be served during special occasions like weddings.

6. Adai Aviyal – is one of the famous alternatives for idly/dosa. While mostly it is served as a main dish it can also be a snack!

7. Ragi Idiyappam – is a super healthy & satisfying dish that can receive great accolades for being in a wedding feast.

8. Pesaratu with Uppuma (Andhra Special) – Pesarattu upma is a famous & wholesome breakfast that is satisfying & healthy! A must-have dish for your wedding!

9. Vangi bath – Super, rich & delicious dish made out of rice. It has extreme flavor & offers great health benefits!

10. Rasam Sadham – A healthy & appetizing dish that has a distinct taste of sourness! No South Indian wedding feast happens without Rasam Sadam.

11. Mango Payasam – An exquisitely tasty drink that tastes superb when served hot or cold!

Whether you are hosting a large party or a small family get together, you can hire some of the best Asian caterers in Manchester to prepare delicious and healthy food of your choice. Outsourcing catering services are the best solution since professional caterers take care of every aspect of the food, right from planning the menu to meal preparation, presentation, cutlery, serving and even clearing up. You not only get restaurant quality food, but also other services related to your event. Such all-around services will ensure that you spend more time with your guests without worrying about the food part.