The Rise of Molecular Gastronomy in Indian Cuisine

August 12th, 2016 Posted by No Comment yet

When you cook in your kitchen, you probably don’t think about the science behind it, do you? That varying degrees of heat will change the tastes and textures of your food. That certain techniques will yield a completely different flavour in an ingredient than others. It’s a science and one that has been slowly, to the delight of many, moving into the foreground to become a more prominent fixture in the culinary world.

This science of cooking is called molecular gastronomy. It fuses the scientific principles behind physics and chemistry to elevate the textures and tastes of food. The result is a completely different and ultimately luxurious dining experience. The level of expertise to create dishes using these techniques is top echelon. It continually pushes the boundaries of creativity in every realm of cuisine.

It’s taking something familiar, and perhaps a bit ordinary and giving it a hefty shove into the land of extraordinary, enhancing the dining experience of every palate it graces. What we know as taste has been scientifically proven to be comprised of aromas, textures and flavours. That’s what molecular gastronomy brings to the table…a way to add a bit of zing, make presentations pop, and allow for guests to fully savour the tastes of the foods they are enjoying.

Techniques can include using liquid nitrogen to amp up the taste of a dish, or rendering ingredients into small spheres to achieve a presentation and texture that defies all preconceived notions of the supposed taste of those items, to name a few. This incredible way of creating dishes has now quite luckily found its way to Indian cooking.

Indian wedding catering in particular is seeing an influx of requests for these gastronomical delights. While Indian cuisine is one of the most spectacularly flavorful in the world, adding an element of molecular gastronomy into the mix reshapes it, makes it even bolder and throws in a bit of mystique with redefined textures.

Making an Indian wedding the most spectacular it can be is the vision of every bride and groom. Hiring Indian wedding caterers that can elevate the experience with new techniques and ideas is the surest way to make your wedding the stuff that dreams are made of.

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