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‘PyaasBujhao’ with these mouth refreshing beverages

Beverages are relaxing, they are thirst quenching which is why in every marriage, the guests should be provided with a decent selection to choose from. The first thing everyone does after landing at the venue is looking out for the drinks counter; and after having the main course, with the snacks and after showing off those filmy dance steps we all grab up a mock tail or a cold drink, right? No host can ignore the beverages menu.

A good-beverage menu should cover all aspects, such as hot or cold beverage, soft drinks or hard drinks and even traditional thirst quenchers. In addition, the beverages should taste really good, it should give a sensation of a mouth refreshing blast in every sip.

Coke, coffee, tea, orange juice, tried only these four? You might want to consider tasting the following ones and add them to the beverages menu.


These are a delight for every non-alcoholic person out there. Mock tails are based on fruit juices and soft drinks, which when mixed result in a very refreshing and unique tasting drink. They’re visually appealing too, with options of two or three colored serving. Some famous ones are Blue Lagoon, Hurricane Mocktail, Mockmosa, Mojito, Cherry Cocktail, Gabbie’s Punch. You can also talk to your caterer about deciding on the mocktails.

Lemon Juice/Roohafza/Jaljeera/Ice Tea

Believe or not, these two are the best refreshment drinks ever. Lemon Juice is tangy in nature, while Roohafza is a bit on the sweeter side. None of the hosts thinks about these as a beverage for Asian Wedding Food menu. They are loved by everyone, are budget friendly and can be served almost round the year. While Jaljeera and Ice Tea aren’t that loved, still they would be an equally good option.

Hot Chocolate

Coffee is pretty common. What about serving hot chocolate instead. If the wedding is in the winter season, this would be a perfect refreshment for all of your guests. It’s warm, soothing and is chocolaty, a win-win situation for the host. Not only the youngsters but also the aged-guests would also love to have a cup of hot chocolate milk.

Lassi or Thandai

Both of these are quite famous in Indian region during the summers. Talk to your caterer and find out a new international style version- say chocolaty lassi or spicy thandai- to take things to the next level. This would be something innovative.

Ice Golas

Golas are formed by grating ice and then layering the surface with flavors. They are served in glasses with extra of this flavor liquid. They come in a variety of flavors and colors, so would surely catch the attention of guests. Ask your caterer to serve golas in a matkaor vodka glass for a different touch.

You can add a couple these with your basic beverage menu for being on the safer side, although your guests will for sure love every item from the list. So, what are you waiting for? Get in talks with your caterer to update the menu.