Must-Have Appetizers for your Wedding Event!!

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Planning of a wedding event can be a very tiresome experience for many. There are so many details that you need to think about ahead of time just to make your “big day” perfect in every aspect. Not a single thing can be missed as each and every minute thing is going to play part in beautifying the event. Of all things, food at your wedding is something all the guests are going to experience. In order to impress your guests, you need to pay special attention towards choosing your menu items. Appetizers are of utmost importance as they make the first impression of how the food is going to be. They offer a big deal in addition to main course dishes. If you do not have any thoughts about the appetizer yet then have a look at the mouthwatering list we have for you.

1. Salad – When we talk about salad it does not mean an ordinary side salad, rather the options are endless for this appetizer based on season, variety of ingredients, cultural food preferences and family’s special. Salads can range from raw, half cooked, fully cook to grilled dish.

Fruits, vegetables, chunks of meat or anything of your liking can be added that will just give more and more flavor to it. Offer your guests a delicious salad to start their meal. But one thing here is noteworthy i.e. a salad should not be so rich in ingredients that it is equivalent to the main course dishes. The key is to keep it light and simple.

2. Seafood – Seafood appetizers are an easy way to kick-start the party and celebrations of your wedding day. Seafood attracts people because of its unique taste. Give your appetizer menu a delightful touch with some Thai or Hawaiian cuisine.

As these cultures rely majorly on the sea for a food source. You will find plenty of variations in dishes that can be easily served. Fish and prawns are the most tempting among seafood and are easily available throughout the year.

3. Fruits – A fruit appetizer is a great way to satisfy your guests and impress them at the same time. What could be easy than presenting your guests with a fruit platter? Go with seasonal fruits. It is a cost-effective idea as well. Yet with a mix of eye-catching vibrant colors of natural fruits get everyone’s attention.

Fruit salads, fruit salsa, and fruit pie bites are a few options to be mentioned here. Fruit baskets can be placed on every table. They can be a source of amplifying the décor as well. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to add it to the existing appetizer menu or want it to be the sole appetizer. Either way, it is a surely impressive and healthy idea.

4. Soups – Yet another highly customizable option is that of soups. Soups are liked during the whole year alike but they give unmeasurable pleasure when it is cold outside. Nothing better than starting your meal with a heart-warming bowl of delicious soup.

Now when the fall is upon us, couples are highly recommended to incorporate at least one soup in their wedding venue. It can be anything from a simple chicken soup to a chef’s special. Take notes all the couples planning their wedding, a hot bowl of soup is a must!

5. Finger-sized fast food – The idea of appetizers is of the small serving of food so as to differentiate it from the main entrée. It does not mean that you cannot have French fries and burgers at your wedding.

If you are a fast food lover, add these temptations to your wedding menu but serve them in small chunks. Think about how sliders, French fries, pasta dishes and other fried treats can be customized to delight your guests on your special day.

6. Bread and cheese – is a match made in heaven. For all the cheese lovers out there, breadsticks, cheese stuffed bread, toasted bread, cheese grilled sandwiches, and garlic bread are a few from the endless list of options.

It is such a delicious treat that will leave your guests wanting for more. Bread is mostly served with soups and is liked very much. But they can also be served as a standalone appetizer.

7. Sandwich delight – Yes you read it right, sandwiches! Anything as simple as an egg sandwich can help you entertain your guests before serving the actual meal. Bite-sized sandwiches will also do. Add some nuts and meat as a sandwich filling. You can also offer a few tips to maximize the pleasure.

8. Potato fiesta – Potato wedges and freshly baked potato skins are considered a popular and most favorite appetizer. If you feel like it is not enough for an appetizer then offer another dish to compliment it e.g. coleslaw salad. Hot potato croquettes with garlic mayo dip are the definition of delicious.

The ideas mentioned above will make food one less thing you need to worry about. They might seem to you as a negligible detail but the truth is that you can add a dish to your menu with a minimal amount of cost and effort. Appetizers do not necessarily be fancy dishes as you can refer to the simple ideas we have proposed above.

Professional Tips:

● Hire professional chefs and Asian Wedding Catering for your wedding event as it is a day of utmost importance for you as a couple. You should not compromise on food at least because the last thing you want is the guests complaining about the food. It would be very embarrassing! When you start planning for your wedding day, discuss with your partner and set aside ample amount of money for food-related expenses.

To save the food from being wasted focus more on the main dishes and choose appetizers wisely. If your guests fulfill their appetite with the appetizers and the actual main course dishes remain untouched. It should not be like that.