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Heya Wedding Food Lovers,


I’m really looking forward to Diwali tomorrow as it will give me the chance to put my feet up for the day. Now, that rarely happens! It’s been a busy week as well so far with a lot of wedding food tastings and also 2 Diwali parties and an Indian wedding. That doesn’t mean the chefs haven’t had time to be creative. We’re still working on our new Indian wedding catering menu and have just perfected our first new canapé and it’s a cracker! Chilli Lobster!  It’s absolutely delicious and the first client that tasted it has asked for it to be on their wedding menu.  A lot more dishes in the pipeline and hopefully I can get you all some pictures soon.


This weekend we are in Newcastle for another Indian wedding and a Sangeet which will be fun. Next week the whole team are on a road trip down to London and I can’t wait!


Busy 2 weeks on the way but hey….I love all of it!


Ps. Had a gorgeous meal at Wahaca recently at the Corn Exchange. Well worth a trip. When you go make sure you try the Salmon Sashimi Tostada….it’s to die for! 🙂

Indian Wedding Catering

Salmon Sashimi Tostada

Indian Wedding Caterers


Indian Wedding Catering