Fabulous and Stunning Outdoor Indian Weddings

June 18th, 2016 Posted by No Comment yet

Indian weddings are always an occasion befit of royalty. It’s a spectacular event that typically spans several days and is a whirlwind of indulgences. No expense is spared on making every detail from big to small completely perfect.

There are many things to consider such as attire, food, and of course, location. In fact, location might just be the most important thing to square away because without one, there can’t be a wedding.

Many couples that choose to plan an Indian wedding often seek out Indian wedding services to help them stay on track with their planning. A wedding is such fun, yet the planning of it can be rather stressful. With Indian wedding planners, they can help choose an ideal location that offers plenty of room to accommodate the guests as well as something picturesque that will help to create memorable photos.

One option most couples often choose is to have their Indian wedding outside. Why? Let’s take a look:

– Outdoor locations are typically some of the most beautiful in all the world. Nothing can top natural beauty.

– Traditions like mangal pheras, where the bride and groom take a walk together around a sacred fire to determine who will be head of the household are best conducted outdoors. Additionally, other wedding traditions and games are best in an outdoor environment.

– When hosting an outdoor Indian wedding, there are seldom any constraints on space. Being that most Indian weddings are large, many with upwards of 300 guests, an outdoor venue is ideal for being able to include everyone.

– Being outdoors also allows for more room for the mandap, a canopy that’s quite similar to the chuppah used in Jewish wedding ceremonies, that the wedding party stands beneath. In fact, the design of the mandap is of utmost importance is structuring a breathtaking wedding ceremony. Certainly they can be done indoors, but having an outdoor Indian wedding lends even more space to be creative with the design of the structure. Tucked amid palm trees, overlooking the intense ocean waves, or even behind a luxurious mansion or palace, the mandap truly sets the stage for an Indian wedding.

Once a proper location has been selected, the next item of extreme importance on the happy couple’s planning list is the food. Choosing the right Indian wedding food is crucial to making the celebration that takes place at this spectacular location the most unforgettable event of a lifetime. For Indian wedding catering in Manchester, Coriander Group provides an extraordinary Indian catering experience. Make your next event the most memorable it can be by enjoying it while Coriander Group handles the food with quality and delicious Indian wedding food.